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març 23

B-BRIGHTER participates at the UNISTEM Day

UNISTEM Day annual event is designed for high school students, aiming to kindle their interest and potentially unveil a passion for science and scientific exploration through the lens of stem cell research topics and challenges. In this context, Nuria Torras from B-BRIGHTER project talked about 3D Bioprinting and tissue regeneration.

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febr. 23

B-Brighter Project at the Optopub in Sweden

Gustaf Mårtensson from MYCRONIC, coordinator of B-BRIGHTER project, was invited to give a talk at the last Optopub, organised by PhotonicSweden and the Swedish Optical Society.

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febr. 23

B-BRIGHTER is committed with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Last 11 of February, Nuria Torras, B-BRIGHTER researcher at the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), went to a school near Barcelona to explain her research and show that women can also be excellent scientists!

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gen. 23

MYCRONIC’s laser draws tissues: article published at Elektroniktidningen

The Swedish online magazine Elektroniktidningen recently published an article about the B-BRIGHTER project.

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des. 22

B-BRIGHTER granted funding by the Strategic Mobility Program from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

For two years, Gustaf Mårtensson, coordinator of B-BRIGHTER project at MYCRONIC, will spend part of his time working at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm studying bioprinting applications and technology development.

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nov. 22

Mycronic hosts the kick-off meeting of the EU project B-BRIGHTER

Last Wednesday took place at Mycronic, in Sweden, the kick-off meeting of the B-BRIGHTER project. Members of all partner institutions participated to lay the first stone of this exciting bioprinting project.

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