B-BRIGHTER participates at the UNISTEM Day

UNISTEM Day annual event is designed for high school students, aiming to kindle their interest and potentially unveil a passion for science and scientific exploration through the lens of stem cell research topics and challenges. In this context, Nuria Torras from B-BRIGHTER project talked about 3D Bioprinting and tissue regeneration.

UNISTEM Day event is set to take place simultaneously across multiple universities in Europe, spanning countries such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. In Spain, universities from various regions come together, collaborating with research centres to arrange tailored activities, including presentations, discussions, film screenings, and recreational activities.

The idea behind UNISTEM Day is to give participants the opportunity to uncover the world of research, not only delving into scientific content and methodologies, but also realizing that research can be enjoyable and conducive to personal and social connections.

Nuria Torras, B-BRIGHTER researcher at the Biomimetic systems for cell engineering group from Elena Martinez at IBEC in Barcelona, participated this year in the fifteenth UNISTEM, held the 10th of March, under the motto “The long and fascinating journey of stem cell research”, a day devoted to learning, discovering and discussing about stem cell research, including cultural expectations and ethical issues.

Nuria’s talk, which took place at the University of Barcelona (UB) to about 140 high school students, was centred on 3D bioimpression and tissue regeneration, with a focus on the principles and objectives of B-BRIGHTER Project.

A collateral aim of the event is to engage students across Europe, uniting them from diverse nations through social networks and interconnections among various universities.