B-BRIGHTER Researchers showcase the project at the European Researchers’ Night 2023

Last 29th of September, researchers from 26 European countries participated in the European Researchers’ Night 2023. Among them, Elena Martínez, Marcel Sorribas and Gustaf Mårtensson presented B-BRIGHTER and talked about the science behind the project. Additionally, B-BRIGHTER was also featured on the Catalan website of the event. 

The European Researchers’ Night is a large-scale public event that takes place at the same time across various European cities. During this event, researchers present the diverse area of science and its impact on everyday life through interactive and pleasant activities. The idea behind the event is to strengthen the connection between the public and research, stimulating interest in scientific careers and research triumphs. The event also emphasizes remarkable research initiatives spanning not only Europe but also other regions. Annually, approximately 1.5 million people participate in the event, engaging with and enjoying the world of science and research.

B-BRIGHTER took part in the event in two different activities. On the 26th of September, Elena Martínez from IBEC gave a talk about 3D Bioprinting applied to the biomedical field with the title “Bright ideas: how light allows us to create living tissues”. The audience, about 30 people from different ages, actively participated with several questions. The talk took place at the Vila Urània Civic Center, a place that brings culture at large to the society.

On the other hand, Marcel Sorribas, also from IBEC, participated in an event held the 29th of September at the CosmoCaixa Science Museum in Barcelona. The activity, called “speed-dating”, consisted in talking directly with the public to explain a research being done, and also to solve, in a very close way, all kind of questions, related with science, research and how is it like to be a researcher. In this context, Marcel focused his participation on the 3D bioprinting technique and how B-BRIGHTER new bioprinter will help to bring biomedical advances to the society, while helping to reduce animal experimentation.

Finally, Gustaf Mårtensson, B-BRIGHTER’s coordinator at Mycronic, gave talks for 9th, 10th and 12th graders at three schools.
B-BRIGHTER Project is also showcased on the Catalan website of the European Researchers’ Night, which offers information about several European projects being carried out in the region. To access this website (in English) click here.