B-BRIGHTER project at the “Advances in 3D Bioprinting” conference

The “Advances in 3D Bioprinting” conference, focused on the latest advancements in bioprinting methods and applications, counted with the presence of several B-BRIGHTER researchers from the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), who presented the last developments of the project.

From 10-12 September, lead international experts in 3D Bioprinting came together at Technion, Israel, to share their experience in various exciting topics in this field, including in situ bioprinting, bioprinting for organ-on-a-chip devices, organoid bioprinting, and bioprinting of vascularized composite tissues. B-BRIGHTER researchers from IBEC had the opportunity to present the latest advances of the project and in a very rich and fruitful scientific environment.

Elena Martínez was invited to give the talk “Development of biomimetic models of intestine tissue: guiding cellular self-organization through biofabrication technology”, where she emphasized the great possibilities of the 3D bioprinting technology to mimic this organ in the laboratory.

Additionally, to the invited talk, two posters + oral presentations showcased B-BRIGHTER at the conference. Aina Abad-Lázaro presented the work “A 3D model of the intestinal mucosa through light-based bioprinting combining organoids and stromal cells”, that aims to engineer an in vitro intestinal model more similar to the physiological condition, by bioprinting a villus-like 3D hydrogel with embedded stromal cells.

On the other hand, Nuria Torras was in charge of presenting the project overview, also with a poster and an oral presentation, entitled “3D Bioprinting by Light-Sheet Lithography: towards complex tissue constructs”. She highlighted the new bioprinting technology based on digital light-sheet illumination and using an original top-down lithography approach. To conclude this very successful participation, Nuria’s poster has received the conference best poster award. Congratulations!